Why Stud Earrings Don’t Have To Be Boring!

Remember when you first got your ears pierced and you had to keep those original studs in while the piercings healed? You may have been eying up with anticipation all kinds of dangly, elaborate styles and hoops, but you had to keep those plain old studs in for what seemed like forever before you could begin wearing them. Of course, for most of us this was in our childhood or our teens, and now we can wear whatever jewelry we like, but there is still something about stud earrings that feels a little bit boring and sad. However, there are actually lots of ways in which studs can be a fantastic choice, and can really set off an outfit and a hairstyle. Here are some reasons why:

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What you Need to Know About Body Piercing Supplies

Body piercing is an art like any other, which demands the application of skill and the right tools. Buy a full set and you will be assured of a smooth job, be it on a single project or a series of recurring jobs.

Every industry has a specific set of tools to get a job done, and so is the body piercing industry. Body piercing needs particular supplies in order to complete basic piercing techniques.

Basic supplies for body piercing

Piercing needles are perhaps the most important tools you will need in this industry. A tri-bevel edge needle is very effective; a design that is very sharp towards the tip for easy penetration of the skin. It goes along with standard gauges, most of them being either 14 gauge or 16 gauge. Such needles are needed for eyebrow, navel, lip, nipple and tongue piercings. The 18 gauge needle on the other hand will be needed for most nose piercings because nose rings require this size of a needle. The needles have different gauges besides the two, but this are the most basic, and will therefore perform a greater proportion of the piercing work.

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Rihanna’s daring wardrobe choice…

rihannaEarlier this week, pop singer Rihanna took a daring step out of a hotel in Stockholm, Sweden to show off her pierced nipples. The 25 year old singer wore a see through, white mesh top that completely showed her naughty jewellery piece.

 Rihanna’s seemingly plain silver barbell whipped the media up into a frenzy, with the pictures quickly circulating the web, newspapers and magazines. Most people respected her for not caring and being proud of her stunning body, others not so much…

Personally, I think the piercing looks amazing. Because of that, I went on a search for some even cooler barbells that you may be interested in, all from intercollection.com’s Body Jewellery category. The ones I have selected as my favourites are glitzy, titanium and surgical steel barbells. These funky pieces of jewellery are bound to make your own daring piercings look a bit more vibrant and colourful, with UV balls on the ends in a variety of bright and fun shades of blue, pink, red, orange, green, purple, any colour you can think of!

Image Source: Fameflynet.uk.com

Brighton: The bohemian secret of the south

1234Living in Brighton, I know that it is renowned for Churchill Square shopping centre, the vibrant gay clubbing scene, its historical landmarks such as the pavilion and its bohemian style. A simple 10 minute walk from Brighton train station will find you in Kensington Gardens, Bond Street, Regent Street, and Trafalgar Street. Also known as The North Lanes, the cultural hub of our great city.

It holds vintage, antique, book, music, retro and new age shops, live music venues and the best pubs and clubs. Brighton is proud to be one of the most carefree, individual and unique places in Britain. The population of the city has the most intriguing style in dress sense, jewellery sense and the general way in which we present ourselves to others. Whether its punk, boho, indie, grunge or futuristic; Brighton has adapted every trend possible and made it its own.

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Essential summer jewellery to complete your outfit!

silver charmsLiving in the UK, we’re not exactly well known for our exceptional Summers. However, the summer of 2013 has kicked off with a bang. The sweltering heat means we can all ditch the heavy jumpers and jeans for flawy dresses and tank tops. But what is a good summer outfit without great summer accessories? Don’t you worry, because I have searched and found the perfect pieces.

I have found some beautiful pieces of silver jewellery that I like especially because of their unique style. Ranging from letters of the alphabet, animals, flowers and love hearts to robots & spider webs, the wide range of stunning charms are both personal and universal.

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Hamsa and evil eye craze: Middle eastern symbols embraced by celebs

The Hamsa is a palm-shaped symbol universally recognised as a sign of protection and as a symbol of blessing, strength and power. It is well known for protecting its user from the ‘evil eye’. It historically dates back to the Middle East and Northern Africa, where people would use it on wall hangings or paint it in their houses to protect their families, commonly on the doors of a mother expecting a new baby. The simplistic image is a right palm with the fingers spread out to ward off evil; with a circle to represent the palm.

handmade silver braceletsThe hamsa has burst onto the fashion jewellery scene this year. Many celebrities have been seen sporting the historic symbol, such as Actress Jennifer Anniston, Singer Madonna and Model Heidi Klum. The craze was first embraced by Gwenyth Paltrow and Naomi Campbell.

A couple of other celebrities have adopted the opposing force as a fashion piece, the evil eye. Lady Gaga and reality tv star Kim Kardashian have been photographed wearing the symbol.

As a fan of both symbols myself, I went on a search for the perfect piece of jewellery to own that matches the said celebrities. Thanks to MainlySilver and their stunning handmade jewellery collection, I have found the perfect pieces. The simplistic yet unique style perfectly encapsulates the Middle Eastern culture, with a beautiful sterling silver charm.


The World’s Most Expensive Jewellery Pieces

The world’s most expensive jewellery pieces are breathtaking to behold. Expensive jewellery can come in many different shapes and sizes. What exactly are the qualities and who are the people that own them? Read on to find out for yourself.

Places to Find Expensive Jewellery
• On a Royal
• In a Museum
• Celebrities

Royals and Their Jewells

Jewellery is a show of wealth so when royals adorn themselves with expensive jewellery they are showing their power. Marie Antoinette had a necklace worth 3.7 million and adorned with diamonds and two rare yellow diamonds. The ring Kate Middleton received for her engagement was a gorgeous sapphire ring worth $39,488. She has been known to wear lots of expensive jewellery along with the other princess’s and queens of England.

Jewellery on Display

There are some pieces that are so valuable that they are put on display in museums. The Mouawad necklace is valued at 12 million dollars and can be seen on display at the London History Museum. It consists of white and multicolored diamonds, and has a 70 carat diamond in the middle. Watches can also be expensive, one such piece pulled in eleven million crafted by Patek Philippe. It is made of 18-Karat gold and has a chiming repeater for minutes. The piece is now displayed in the watchmaker’s museum in Geneva in Switzerland. This watch is the only one of its kind. Several pieces of royal jewellery are on display in museums all over the world.

Celebrities and Their Jewellery

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Steampunk jewellery, celebrating the greatest era there never was!

Steampunk jewellery – Wheels and cogs, clocks and springs

Steampunk dovetails nicely with the Zeitgeist, suiting today’s world where recycling, re-using and re-purposing are more important than ever and vintage fashion has taken the stage for the first time in two decades or more. Tired of years of smooth minimalism, people’s interest is turning elsewhere and home decor styles like shabby chic are claiming the moral high ground. So dig out your frilled shirt and dress like a genuine gentleman or lady. Then accessories with a few choice pieces of beautiful, quirky steampunk jewellery, masterpieces of intricate creativity decorated with charms, clock and watch components, chains, beads, cogs, wheels and springs.

steampunk jewellery

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Body piercing : Popular ear piercing to downright rare

piercing jewelleryIn the recent years, body piercing has seen a significant evolution. It has become more than just a deviation from the regular norms of women getting their ears pierced to a new and breakthrough style statement. With celebrities, athletes and mainstream fashion figures showcasing body piercing, this trend has caught on and the body has become a great canvas for those who are open to trying different types of body jewellery.

Ear piercings are the most common body piercings from times immemorial but today there are many different ear piercings to select from. Most ear piercings heal relatively quickly. Nonetheless, it is very important to take care of ear piercings, especially when it is ear cartilage piercing.

Another popular form of piercing is facial piercing. It is worth considering whether a particular facial piercing will be compatible with your face type because it is immediately visible. Most facial piercings heal rapidly due to the healthy blood flow that the face receives. These piercings can, however, leave marks or scars if not cared for properly.

Then, there’s the lip piercing. Basically, the piercing can be placed anywhere on the lip but the most popular one is a labret piercing at the centre of the bottom lip. Most lip piercings carry a risk of gum and tooth damage due to the piece of jewellery rubbing against the gum line. This damage can be lasting; therefore, it is essential to keep an eye on lip piercings.

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